How To REALLY Make Your Ex Want You

Hello, my name is Brent and I first want to start off by thanking my good friend Justin Sinclair for providing me with the information needed to get my ex back 2 years ago. He really changed my life and I can’t thank him enough for that; if you use this information correctly, you will get your ex back whether you are male or female.

You see, unlike most information shared on the internet, what Justin teaches us is practical & effective. There are no “what if’s” with this. Look, I was once miserable from my ex leaving me and I’m sure you can relate. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and definitely couldn’t think straight until I came across what I’m about to share with you, and it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me (I don’t know where I’d be if I never got my ex girlfriend back, but I fear I’d be in a much darker place). If you watch the video below and do what it says, there’s no reason you won’t get your ex back.

Watch the video below to learn how to get your ex back.




We all know how gut-wrenching a breakup can be, and how much more it hurts especially when you invested a lot of time, money, and love into this one person. You loved them more than you loved yourself, and now they’re gone. Now you have no one and you wish you had them. What can you do? Don’t fret, hope is not lost. Getting your ex back is very achievable with time and effort. Just make sure you watch this video because I guarantee you that you will get your ex back.


Now here are some things you can do right now:



Step 1: Analyze the situation carefully

Now assuming that your ex was the one to end the relationship, you need to look at what happened, why it happened, and what you can do about it. More often than not, relationships end due to a specific reason and not just out of the blue. Did you disrespect their family? Never Listen to them? Maybe you were fooling around with other people and it bothered them? Whatever the reason, look at things from their perspective and ask yourself what would make you want you back. That is the key to winning them over.



Step 2: Stop acting so desperate

Nobody likes being begged and chased desperately. While you might think that spamming them with texts and voicemails will flatter them and want to take you back, it just makes you look pathetic. With every plea you send their way, the farther back you push them into a position of power. Once you have a strategy (see video above or click here), then you can go ahead and send a message their way. You must make sure you know what you’re doing or you’ll once again put yourself in a weak, pathetic position. Don’t beg, don’t call/text, and certainly don’t show up at their door without a plan.

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Step 3: Look in the mirror

Again, would you take you back? If you’re just a mean person and don’t respect people, I’m sorry to say but you have close to no chance to getting your ex back unless you change. If your ex left you, it’s probably your fault. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure you do. Maybe you smoke/drink and they wanted you to quit. Maybe you never do the things they love to do. Maybe you’re too clingy. Whatever it is, fix it and fix it permanently. It’s probably best for you as well. You’re dreaming if you think an ex that left you because of of a certain issue will take you back with the same problems. Always look at things from their perspective and ask yourself what do they want.




Step 4: Be optimistic, but also realistic

You can get your ex back. It’s just a matter of how likely that is to happen. If you know in your heart that this is something salvageable, be optimistic. However, if your ex left you 2 years ago and is already happy in a new relationship, I’m sorry to say but be realistic. What’re you gonna do, wait and hope that they come back to you for your whole life? Look at the statistics and make a choice for yourself. But I assume that if you’re here, you believe that there is a chance.




Step 5: Make sure you’re at your best state physically, mentally, & emotionally


You want your ex back, but are you sure you have your life together? Sometimes, you have to look out for yourself. Actually you always have to look out for yourself. Prioritize things. If you’re extremely overweight, work out and shed those pounds. If you hate your job and/or you’re broke, explore new career opportunities. If you’re an emotional wreck and constantly watching movies and crying, look into therapy, meditation, and maybe moving on. There’s one person you should love and look out for more than your ex, and that’s you.



Step 6: Work


Things don’t happen on their own. There’s no magic potion. The only thing you can control in life is effort, and effort you will put in if you really have a desire to get back your ex. Whether it be an ex girlfriend or an ex boyfriend, with strong enough desire I assure you that you will get them back. If this is really what you want and it’s not what you “kinda want”, then you will go to any length to make them want you again. Remember that this information is probably not enough, so click the image below and get your ex back for good.